Violet and the clairvoyant

by Patricia Zoltan


Violet Muis thought it was a good idea to see her clairvoyant before taking the pills that jingled in her pocket. The inventory was bleak. No job. No apartment. No money.

'You look depressed', the clairvoyant said, 'but let's look at the cards, shall we?'

Violet accepted the deck from the wrinkled hands. She knew the ropes. This was not her first time in the clairvoyant's parlour. She consulted her before every major decision. Violet shuffled the deck, made three piles and then merged them into one. The clairvoyant flipped the cards face up, one by one, and arranged them in a horizontal cross-shaped formation. She was puffing on her cigar, the smoke enveloping them in a haze of blue. She spoke slowly, her hands hovering over the images of ships, coins and a slender figure with long, golden hair.

'New opportunities … money coming in ... an inheritance … a trip overseas.'

She took another drag on her cigar and said, 'Soon.'

At the door, before saying good-bye, the clairvoyant grabbed Violet's shoulder.

'The pills. Give me the pills,' the old woman said.

'What pills?'

'The little blue tub with the tablets you've been carrying around for a week. Come on now.'

'You give me the creeps,' Violet screamed. 'I mean, seriously. You can't possibly know everything. And by the way, you can't just confiscate what's in my pocket like that.'

'Sure I can. I'm your grandmother. I can do whatever I want. And by the way, Uncle de Jaager passed away last week. There's a will. I'm flying to Amsterdam next week and I want you to come with me.'